Health by Orla

Business Name: Health by Orla

Members Name: Orla Mc Laughlin

Mobile: 0861016755


Description of Business: Orla Mc Laughlin is a registered Nutrition Practitioner with an MSc in Personalised Nutrition. Orla works one-to-one with private clients and also offers various health programmes for the corporate sector. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to your health and it can be a huge challenge to change your eating habits, but working with Orla will empower you to transform your health by making the RIGHT food choices for you. The dream of having more energy, having clearer skin, feeling healthier and happier, can be your reality..


“I have a 7 year old son who has autism. He had a very bad diet he would only eat carbohydrates and was very rigid and fussy with food. He would complain of having a sore stomach and was very lethargic. I found Orla and we started by getting tests done to see exactly what was going on in his gut. From the results Orla set up a plan for changing his diet. The change in my son is unbelievable. We only started in July and he is no longer lethargic and doesn’t complain of a sore stomach anymore. He is not as fussy with food and will taste foods he never would of touched before. He has become more sociable, talking more and is a very calm happy boy. I highly recommend Orla with her expertise and she goes far beyond her duty always researching diet choices and supplements. I can contact Orla anytime and she always gets back to me straight away. I would be lost without her. Thank you Orla.”

[T.L. Letterkenny]

“I think you provide excellent customer service and I’d recommend you to anyone”

[EM, Dublin]

“After 3 weeks following Orla’s protocol my blood pressure was normal and my cholesterol was reduced. I attribute my improvements to my new diet and supplements and even my doctor said that whatever I’m doing, stay on it”

[A MN, Dublin]

Areas of interest / speciality: Orla specialises in Autism, ADHD, Digestive, Mental and Skin health.

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